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January 2014 News


At long last I have control of my own web site. For years its been, "Ill do it, its too difficult for you" but no one ever actually TOLD me how to do it. Now, my friends Steve and Charlotte have trusted me to have the brains to have a go.


So Charlotte and Steve, if you read this, you will be jumping up and down, saying, "There IS hope for her yet".


I meant to do all of my thanks and good wishes before Christmas, but as I was reliant on others to update my website, it didn't get done.


I was all for packing the website in, then one of my helpers and also a team member, Charlotte, got her head together with her partner Steve, managed to get into the website, wrote down the instructions for me to do it , and here I am. At long last I am back in control and I dont have to rely on others!


Another good friend of mine, Diane, had a caravan at Swallow Point, Sand Bay, Western, and she had been telling me for ages to go and use it for a break.


I hadn't been away from home for years because it simply cant be done. Yes, there are friends who will come and clean the hedgehogs out, but just who will travel miles, twice a day to care for them? On top of that, who is going to answer the non stop phone. In the finish, Diane sent me a text saying "Name the date you are going down to the caravan". It was an order and with others pushing me to go, I gave in.


It took days of sorting things out, but to cut a long story short, the day came and I was on my way with the prediction that I wouldn't last more than 4 days down there. Ha!! I didn't want to come home! It was just me,and little Archie, my Cairn Terrier. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, chasing Archie along the beach all morning, then again after lunch, then again after tea. I even took him on the open top bus to Western Super Mare and chased along the beach there, it was wonderful.

As I sat on a log looking out to sea one day, I realized that I simply could not go through another 2012 when I single handedly took in 487 hedgehogs. The long hours and the stress were getting too much for me, but I had no choice. Other hedgehog carers were giving up one after the other, and I know that I could never turn an animal away, so I came back home and just carried on.


But someone up there must have been watching over me, because who was sent down from heaven but Diane (Greyhound Gap, Greyhound rescue)  To put it in a nutshell, she just took over. She did`nt just have ideas, she acted on them. She started up a Facebook account "Friends of West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue", she called in people to make things to sell to make money, organised folks from all over the area (and beyond) to pick up hedgehogs and bring them to me. As soon as I mentioned I needed anything, it was there. She got together a team of helpers, Alexandra ,Leigh, Charlotte, Michelle, and herself, each one of them able to solve different problems and help in various ways. All of this on top of her own very busy work schedule.


So, together with the old favourites who have stayed by me for years,Rose, Ruth and John, Dave (Roscoe) Carol and Peter, Tony and Jude,the above mentioned team, Carmel Vets and of course my own wonderful veterinary practice, Straitons of Penkridge. I cant thank the vet`s, the staff and Mr. Wonderful himself, Craig, enough, because without them I simply could not carry on this work.


There are many others who help in all sorts of ways, but I don't have room here to mention you all, you do know how much you are appreciated coz I keep telling you!!!!




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